Priya, happy personal training client

“The first few times I met Gabor on the gym floor I found him both friendly and approachable, and he started giving non-imposing hints on simple techniques which really helped the way I worked out. The more I got to know him the more refined his advice was, so I booked in for some personal training sessions to get the full advantages of the 1-to-1 experience. I found that Gabor had a focused but relaxed approach, striking a good balance between motivation and encouragement. I’m extremely grateful to him for these sessions, without them I wouldn’t have had his crucial insights on gym technique, injury prevention, nutrition, and overall wellbeing. I certainly wouldn’t have been as fit, or had the increased desire to get fitter as I have now, without Gabor’s sessions. I’ve also gained a really good friend on the gym floor, who doesn’t think anything about passing on quick advice whenever he has a couple of minutes to spare.”

Ben, happy hybrid coaching client

“After training across disciplines for over 15 years, I found my PT sessions with Gabor to be a game-changer. Not only did it take my strength and flexibility to a new level, but also I corrected imbalances, worked on injury prevention, and improved my nutrition. I was happy to see the results feeding into sports performance and daily life in a question of weeks and months. Thank you!”

Joanne, happy online coaching client

‘Having the app & Gabor’s support has been incredibly motivating, without the goals he helped me set there have definitely been sessions at the gym I would miss. I can not recommend enough!’

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