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How to add exercise to your daily routine

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Do you wish that you could be fitter, healthier and stronger but working out just hasn’t worked out for you?

We live in an age when people with disabilities win Olympic medals and people with good health are not able to lose a few pounds because of a difference in mindset. Your Physical Activity Level (PAL), the way we react to everyday stress, the choices we make in the kitchen or simply what we’re with our time are all lifestyle factors that largely determine your health and wellbeing. Without your health, the quality of your life will go down dramatically very quickly. When it comes to changing your lifestyle willpower, dedication and smart thinking all come very handy.

If we act a certain way over and over again it becomes a habit and it will take a lot to break so it is very important that the habits we form are improving the quality of our life. When you look at your habits are they actually making you feel good and are they benefiting you truly so that you can honestly say: "This is how I want to live my life and this is how I feel good about myself”? Asking yourself these questions can make you realise there might be a few things you want to change if you’re not where you want to be when it comes to living fit and healthy.

Include physical activity every day!

The recommendation for adults between 19-64 years of age is 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity per week and strength exercises on 2 or more days that train the major muscles: legs, hips, back abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms. This is the guideline for physical activity outlined by the NHS.

This could also be substituted for 75 minutes of vigorous activity such as running or playing a singles tennis game every week and strength exercises on 2 or more days.

You can also mix these up and in order to keep yourself going for life, you should make sure variety is included in your workout routine. A good mixture of low to moderate-intensity physical activity such as walking or going for an easy bike ride and more vigorous forms of exercise like joining a local fitness Bootcamp or pushing yourself to your limits will make sure you can have something to do even when you don’t have much energy.

Top tips for staying active

  1. Walk as every time you can

  2. Sign up to a training program with friends and family, get a coach or make sure that you have a social circle that supports being physically active

  3. Fun something you enjoy doing after all the best exercise will always be the one that you are willing to do

  4. Look for better, not perfect as there will always be room to improve but improving yourself rather than take unrealistic measures will help you stay motivated

  5. Do something every day even if it’s low intensity such as stretching or walking as this will create a habit of doing some form of exercise every day

I hope this article helps you make your life better! If you find it helpful please share it with your friends and family or anyone that you think can benefit from it and visit my website: for more motivation and tips on improving your life through health & fitness!

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