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Does lifting weights makes women bulky?

This is the big question that we come across between ladies and it is surprising how often people think building a big and robust body can be done by anyone who simply lifts weights. If this was true I could simply eat at McDonald's, have a beer straight after my workout and go to the club until the morning every day and look like Arnold simply because I lift weights.

This idea puts ladies and gents who don't want to be big and bulky off doing exercises that can make them stronger, prevent osteoporosis and make them feel more confident. Lifting weights can also increase post-workout endorphin release like all other exercise does when doing enough. As a result of doing weight training, we also get better results so our look and feel improves. Being attractive and having a better mood can help prevent depression and other mental health problems caused by stress.

The fact is:

In order to grow big muscles, we need a hormone called testosterone. Ladies simply don't have this genetically so for them to become big and bulky is much harder but tend to lose bone density more than man with ageing. Strength training has been proven to help build stronger bones and help to prevent this.

It is important to understand that there are different ways of stimulating muscle growth and depending on the stimulus the body will adapt differently. Someone who trains for muscle endurance would benefit from lower weights, a high number of reps with short rest. 3-5 sets of 12-15 reps, 30-60 seconds rest. This enhances slow-twitch muscle fibre which gives you greater stamina for long-duration activity.

Lifting heavier can also help you to burn body fat and eat more at the same time. Doing 6-12 reps with more rest, around 1-2 minutes stimulates your body to build fast-twitch muscle fibre. This type of muscle fibre not only burns far more calories than slow-twitch but it also increases your Basal Metabolic Rate.

The conclusion is that lifting weights will not make women bulky and the key takeaway is that lifting weights is great for everyone, especially for women because it helps you to build stronger bones, lose body fat and improve your mental health.

To learn more about how to start strength training and make it fun safely and effectively message me and get a custom made fitness program today.

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