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"Excellent holistic programme covering strength training, cardiovascular fitness, correction of muscle imbalances, and injury prevention. Extremely professional and with round-the-clock support."

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"Gabor is a true professional, always ready to help and motivate you towards your goals. He has always been very approachable, and adaptable to my needs. Such as changing workouts due to injuries and providing workouts when gyms are not available. I would highly recommend him to all."

"I have never felt so good after working out. I got a great feeling afterwards that what I had just done was part of my journey toward seriously elevated fitness levels."

"Excellent holistic programme covering strength training, cardiovascular fitness, correction of muscle imbalances, and injury prevention. Extremely professional and with round-the-clock support."

"I would highly recommend Gabor’s programme for really everyone. With professional expertise and support, he helps to bring the most out of you. If you want to build muscle, improve your body shape or having a muscle ache definitely I would commend his training."

Great bodies are made in the kitchen

Most people still believe in dieting. The problem with that is when we say we are dieting usually we mean we are following an unsustainable way of eating until we see some short-living changes or we give up. 


Nobody can lose weight or support their health by doing this. The secret is to develop a healthy relationship with food and our gut. 


You don't have to follow an impossible diet plan. You can eat flexible and delicious while getting in better shape than ever. All you need to do is recognise what are your eating habits and find out what created them. 

The next step is to keep what's good only and exchange all that doesn't serve you to better ones that take you to your goals and you can enjoy too.

Guess what! When you do this you will find more joy in eating than ever and you will feel better than ever in your body too.

Click below to check out the recipe packs I offer for a small fee which are also included in the free 14-day online coaching trial also. (That's right. If you try my online coaching and let me help you, you will get one of these for free)

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working out with a busy schedule

We all get overwhelmed with our to-do list from time to time.

Work, family, friends, me-time and looking after health and fitness.

So how can you squeeze everything in your 24 hours and enjoy life in the process?

The answer is simple.



the fact is that 80% of what we do brings 20% of our results. This is also true in fitness. You don't have to necessarily do more and gave up on things you love. 

You can get fit the smart way. 

Book a consultation and let me show you how!

about me

I'm Gabor and I have a huge passion for fitness and great tasting healthy food. 

I believe there is nothing quite like being in shape and eating well. A good workout, a great meal and a positive mental attitude can take the quality of our life to a whole new level.

The problem is that in our culture it is far too easy to get overly comfortable and it can be very confusing what to eat how to move and there is a lot of negativity around us.

A lot of so-called gurus promise quick results with methods that are no sustainable and often don't even make sense. The truth is that if you want to change your life you have to change your lifestyle.

This is why I created Make You Better Personal Training where I focus on showing you a simple step by step method that suited to your needs so you can truly become the best you can and stay there.

My speciality is helping people who are stuck at the desk for a big portion of their day. I can help you lose body fat and become lean and strong capable of doing things you never believed you could.

Click on the link below for a 14-day free online coaching trial program.

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